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Webinar on GST


The Department of B Com Computer Application in association with St. Mary’s College, Manarcadu organised a webinar on “Contours of GST” on 22nd September, 2021. Smt. Nisha Joseph, Assistant Professor, Al Ameen College was the resource person. The webinar unravelled the structure of GST implemented in India. All aspects related to the structure, main features [...]

Webinar on GST2021-10-08T15:48:32+05:30

Teacher’s Day Celebration


As part of the Teacher’s Day celebration 2021, to honour the noble profession of teaching, Al Ameen College, Edathala, conducted various competitions for teachers and students. For teachers, a video making competition on ‘My most memorable teaching moment’ was organized. For students, a letter-writing competition on “My most inspiring teacher” was conducted. The winners of [...]

Teacher’s Day Celebration2021-09-17T10:31:06+05:30

Debate on “Is social media a blessing or a curse???”


Department of B.Com Computer Application of Al-Ameen College organized an online debate for 1st year Bcom students through Google meet platform on the boon and bane of social media in the present scenario on 10th, Aug 2021. The debate helped the students to think critically and open up their views on the given topic. Two [...]

Debate on “Is social media a blessing or a curse???”2021-08-29T12:13:22+05:30

Webinar on Livin’ the dream with young entrepreneurs


The Department of Commerce conducted a webinar on 23rd July 2021 to express the importance of entrepreneurship to the students and to motivate them to be an entrepreneur. The sessions were handled by Nidheesh Sudhakaran, Mrs. Divya K.R and Anjana P. They shared their personal experiences and events from their life that will help the [...]

Webinar on Livin’ the dream with young entrepreneurs2021-08-21T20:39:09+05:30

Online Debate


Attending online classes everyday has become the ‘new normal’ for the students of India. As colleges were shut because of the lockdown to the spread of coronavirus, online classes have taken Centre stage in students’ lives.  In this context Bcom Computer Applications dept. arranged a debate for 1st year students on offline Vs. Online education. [...]

Online Debate2021-07-06T12:05:43+05:30

Online Workshop on “Repurposed Art Ideas Series-1 Colors are Smiles of Nature


There is nothing satisfying and fulfilling for children than to express themselves openly and without judgement. Department of Bcom C A organized a workshop on “repurposed art ideas” inorder to help the students to develop their skills like resilience, grit and to ensure a positive growth of our students, to succees in life. Moreover [...]

Online Workshop on “Repurposed Art Ideas Series-1 Colors are Smiles of Nature2021-07-06T12:21:03+05:30

How to cope with a crisis ? E-Counseling


Online counseling offers mental health services through the internet. It is a n effective method of online therapy. Department of Bcom CA organized the initial session of online counselling on 24th May 2021 through an online platform Google-meet. The meeting analysed the advantages of online therapy over traditional methods including easy accessibility, affordability, convenience [...]

How to cope with a crisis ? E-Counseling2021-07-03T20:07:04+05:30

online get-together


The Department of B com CA, Al- Ameen college, organized an informal virtual gathering for the students and teachers on 21th May ,2021. All the participants were enthusiastically involved in the meeting. A wide range of topics that are  socially and personally relevant were discussed in the meeting,  like missing campus and college life, the [...]

online get-together2021-09-16T11:41:07+05:30

Webinar on Stress Management During The Pandemic Period


Department of Bcom Computer Application conducted an interactive session on “Stress Management during the Pandemic” on 18th May, 2021 at 10.30 am.  The guest speaker of the event was Dr. Shalini Ajith, Assistant Professor, Al Ameen College. The webinar was conducted to address and spread awareness about mental health in this pandemic time and [...]

Webinar on Stress Management During The Pandemic Period2021-06-28T10:22:11+05:30

Covid 19 Awareness Online Quiz Program


We all are aware of the fact that corona (COVID 19) is an infectious   disease caused by coronavirus. On March 12, 2020, the WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. The Ministry of health has made the public aware of the virus transmission patterns and the importance of  quarantine and curfew .As  part of the lockdown, [...]

Covid 19 Awareness Online Quiz Program2021-06-28T11:23:50+05:30
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