Biotechnology lab

Major objective of the lab is to apply the general principles and standards of technology transfer and ensure

Computer Lab

Al-Ameen College is one of the premium institutes, where the student computer ratio very high. We have four

Physics Lab

The facilities of the department includes Class rooms with LCD projectors, Laboratories with advanced

Microbiology Lab

The objective of microbiology Practicals is to equip the students with the usage of microbiology media test

Chemistry Lab

Department of Chemistry aims to produce young talents with excellent theoretical and practical knowledge

Petrochemicals Lab

Department of Chemistry is the pioneer in petrochemicals and has a full-fledged and state of art laboratory

Audio Lab

The Recording Studio facility of Al-Ameen College,B.Voc Sound Engineering Department is a state of

Music Production Lab

Along with recording studio, we also have a music lab with a total of 10 desktop computers