Guidance For Competitive Examinations

Competitive examinations are conducted to choose the most worthy applicants based on their performance without any kind of external influence or bias. Over a million candidates appear, out of which the best are selected depending on the grades they secure. In today’s world, students face rigorous competition in this area and it is quite difficult to qualify for these examinations without proper training. Al-Ameen College provides guidance for students to equip them with effective tips and tricks that would be helpful in cracking these tests. Some of the competitive exams we help students with are National Eligibility Test (NET), exams under Public Service Commission (PSC), Joint Admission Test (JAM) for IIT M.Sc admissions, Common Management Admission Test (CMAT), and Common Admission Test (CAT).

Career Counselling

Counselling of any kind involves helping an individual manage their life, learning and career. Career counselling includes professional exercises that help people deal with various work related challenges. Counsellors in colleges associate themselves with students to aid them in choosing a career that’s best for them by understanding their area of interest and capability. Al-Ameen College provides career counselling to students who are in pursuit of a fruitful career, where experienced professionals suggest options based on one-to-one sessions with the students. Career counselling ensures productive help for the students by displaying an array of alternatives before them and encouraging them to choose the most suitable one without any constraint.


Developing interpersonal skills affect the overall life of a person which is far beyond one’s career. Soft Skill development is gaining more and more importance in today’s world as the employers look forward for the interpersonal communication skills in a person than the hard skills obtained by him / her through technical knowledge.

The institution clearly understands that the students need to acquire adequate skills beyond academic or technical knowledge. Soft Skill training will help the students to make wise behavioral choices that will help them to succeed in future. For the students of Al Ameen College to stand out as promising assets of tomorrow, they need to learn how to navigate and overcome their personal challenges, and expand their social emotional skills. Keeping this in view the institution provides regular soft skill training to the first year UG students. The soft skill classes of 30 hours duration focuses on the enhancement of various soft skill traits like communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, life skills, goal setting, time management etc. Fostering of problem-solving skills, teamwork and critical thinking skills provides an opportunity for students to be successful in their future career. The classes help them in acquiring the potential to boost their confidence and ability to connect with lead groups of peers in various activities. The training programme is highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the students.

Remedial Coaching

Remedial coaching is offered to the students after the assessment of their knowledge level and skills through the Bridge Programme and Academic Counselling. It envisages to extend support to the students with timely assistance in terms of tutorials, additional lectures, interactive session, question banks and study materials. The programme aims at imparting personalizes additional support to the needy students.

Language Lab

One of the noblest aims of Al-Ameen College is to impart quality education for all its students. As grabbing good and effective communication skill is so important for today’s career oriented education, the College has decided to modify itsexisting language lab. For this the networking cables of the lab are changed and new audio systems purchased. This academic year onwards we are planning to form a separate syllabus for each academic stream so as to equip the students with good knowledge of English. This will also help them to get good hold over communication and other soft skills related to the career options outside.b

Bridge Course

Bridge courses are preparation programmes that aid in maturing students for the challenges in the courses they choose. Al-Ameen College provides Bridge Courses to needy First Year students who face difficulties with regard to the different subjects in their curriculum. The students are assessed on the basis of their performance in Higher Secondary Examinations. The assessment lets tutors identify those who are to be included in these sessions. The course aims at bridging any kind of gap the students encounter immediately after starting the degree programme.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga is gaining popularity as a complementary system of healing and health due to the multidimensional benefits that go beyond just addressing the physical body. Yoga not only offers an insight into how to evolve and maintain a better state of well-being but has also emerged as a powerful tool that helps in alleviating illnesses that could have its origin in the physiological, psychological and/or emotional aspects. Yoga therapy is a complementary and holistic health care system that addresses the needs of the mentees through continuous adaptation of its many tools to suit each student’s unique and changing needs. Al-Ameen College conducts regular yoga classes for the students to help them reduce stress, create a greater sense of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. The training and meditation sessions also allow studentsto attain higher self-esteem with more confidence and better interpersonal skills. The college also gives training to girl students focusing specifically on their needs related to the crucial menstruation days.

Personal Counselling

A counselling Centre has been set up as per the directives of the Mahatma Gandhi University to provide a space where students can confide and analyze their problems. An external counsellor periodically visits the college for this purpose.