College Union

A College union is envisioned to channelize the artistic and academic spirit of the student community into the arena of democracy. It also offers a platform for the students to understand the responsibilities of citizenry and the role they have in nation building. Development of personality and character, acquisition of leadership skills, attainment of life efficiency and procurement of service mentality are the added advantages offered by any college union.
All students of the College are by right the members of the College Union. From them a group of office bearers are selected following the parliamentary system. Two class representatives are selected from each class to form the Electoral College and they elect the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the General Secretary, the University Union Councillors, the Arts Club Secretary, the Magazine Editor and the Lady Representatives. Staff advisor appointed by the Principal advises the Union on its various activities and works as a linkage between the College and the Union. Principal is the honorary treasurer of the Union and every teacher is an honorary member. College union organises the College Day, the Arts Festival, the Sports Day and many other cultural as well as recreational activities to strengthen the camaraderie among students. The College Magazine showcasing the literary talents of the students is yet another feather on its cap. Various debates, seminars, workshops, social activities, charity initiatives, touring parties, etc. add to the colour and significance of a campus Union.

College Union Activities