Director Board
Dr.Junaid Rahman President
Dr.Cini Kurian Vice President
Dr.Dino Varghese Secretary
Prof.Sasidharan M B Director
Ms. Beenatries N Joy Director
Ms.Shefeena Nisam Director
Ms.Safiya M K Director

The college runs a Co-operative Society which is registered as a Co-operative Society under the Co-operative Societies Act 1969 of Govt. of Kerala. The Management of the Bank is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of three members from the staff of our college.

The Board of Directors consist of the Manager (as the President), Vice president, Secretary and four Director Board Members. At present the store has 280 members. The aim of the bank is to improve the economic well being of the staff. The services rendered by the bank are-

  1. Savings Accounts
  2. Fixed Deposits
  3. Recurring Deposits
  4. Ordinary Loans
  5. Emergency Loans
  6. Interest Free Loans