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B.A Communicative English

BA English Literature and Communication Studies Model III Double Main

The program was launched in the year 2009 under the self financing stream in Al Ameen College, Edathala. This double main program opens the window to the world of literature and communication for the enthusiastic community of students. This program also offers a wide variety of job opportunities for the students, some of them being Journalism, Teaching, Content Writing and other Freelance writing, Media, Business, Research etc.


This program aims to:

  • Strengthen the knowledge of students in the field of literature.
  • Impart the knowledge about the development of English language.
  • Encourage students to take up Journalistic as well as other writing careers.

Areas covered in this program:

This program covers the areas of English Language and Literature, Journalism, Communication Studies, Sociology and Translation Studies.

Job Opportunities:

This program offers job opportunities in the fields of Print Media, Content Writing, Copy Writing, Freelance Writing, Public Relations, Media, Photography, Editing, Teaching, Script Writing, Web Writing etc.

As English is a global language and spoken by almost all the people in the world. It is an absolute necessity to have command of English language. English is the only language that connects the people all around the world irrespective of the differences like caste, creed, culture and other physical and geographical boundaries.

The world is developing in a very fast pace with all its digital technologies. An undergraduate course in English will help the students to deal with this global language effortlessly. This course will also enable the students to grab job opportunities from wide variety of fields. B. A English graduates do have many job opportunities awaiting them in the fields like General Management, Journalism, Research, Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Writing, Teaching, Translation, Content Development etc.

Higher Studies:

Post Graduation in Literature, Journalism, B.Ed in English

Programme Specific Outcomes

Course Outcome