Nature Club/Bhoomitra Sena Club

The Al-Ameen Nature Club is prominently engaged in spreading environmental consciousness amongst out students. The primary concerns about preserving forests and reaping all the benefits of a waste and pollution free planet are brought home to the up-coming generation through a non-formal pro-action system of imparting environmental education.

As a starting point, the trees in this verdant campus have been tagged with their botanical names. The planting of trees is encouraged and thus a general awareness of this fundamental necessary is brought home to the students. A lot of saplings are brought for this purpose from the forest department each year and frequently students as well as the staff are also given the opportunity to plant these at home. The college also has a medicinal herb garden which brings the age-old knowledge of the properties of these plants to the younger generation who might not ever have had the chance to see them.

The Nature Club is deeply concerned with anti-pollution and waste management programmes. The campus was activated on the misuse of plastic through student participatory programmes. Waste management, as well as the importance of rain harvesting is also a vivid concern of the Nature Club.

The Nature Club is closely associated with the social forestry club in its varied activities. The programmes of the club include seminars, guest lectures, film shows, poster exhibitions, and nature study camps.

Environmental education is an integral part of the curriculum in this era as the mankind now unequivocally accepts that human activities cause global climate change. Realizing the importance of environmental protection, Al Ameen College decided to join hands with Bhoomitrasena, an initiative of Directorate of Environment & Climate Change under Department of Environment and Climate Change. The club encourages the students to address the environmental issues, to maintain eco-friendly campus and to adopt a lifestyle for sustainable living. Seminars, vegetable cultivation, conservation of ecosystem of butterflies, are some of the initiatives undertaken in the campus under the auspices of this club

Nature Club Activities

Bhoomitra Sena Club Activities