Vocational Courses from Al Ameen College

The Vocational course offered by Al Ameen College’s Department of practical Studies allow aspiring sound engineers to get expertise and exposure in the audio sector. Students who study vocational courses are better prepared to tackle problems and to be confident in their careers.

A programme on skill development-based higher education has been introduced by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as a component of college and university education. It leads to a Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc) degree with multiple exits, including a diploma or advanced diploma under the NSQF (National Skill Qualifications Framework).

Vocational Courses offered:

B.Voc Sound engineering was launched in the year 2018 with a strength of 32 students. This program is a judicious mix of the following elements concerning the Music and Film industry:

This program has been designed to equip the students to cope with the emerging trends and challenges in the field of film and music production.


  • 5.1 mixing and mastering suite

  • Multi facility recording studio

  • Music production lab

  • Live sound Equipments

  • Audio visual classrooms