Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was initiated since the inception of the College in 1981 to offer subsidiary courses to Pre Degree Programme. B.Sc Chemistry (Model III) Petrochemicals was introduced in 1995 under aided stream. This programme is a double main programme with Chemistry and Petrochemicals as core subjects, Mathematics and Computer Science as complimentary subjects and English as Common course. The programme gives due importance to Petrochemical sector and prepare the student for the bright prospects in Petroleum industry.

The course is designed to study the basic concepts, novel experiments, intensification and advancement as well as day-today relevance of all branches of chemistry such as Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Quantum Chemistry. The knowledge of theory is further expanded by practical sessions in the laboratory. Department of Chemistry has two laboratories-One for General Chemistry and the other for Petro chemistry

The general aspects of the programme also deal with petroleum, the formation of petroleum, refinement of petroleum, and other process involved in petrochemical industry. Our curriculum provides chances for improving the skills essential for handling the equipment and instruments in the laboratories and also motivates the students to enter into the fascinating world of research. The department conducts industrial visits that improve the chances of the students to be exposed to the different processes used in industries as well as their applications.

The greatest strength of our Department is the prominent Alumnae working in different Universities in India and abroad who spread the fame of our college and Department to the world.

Additional Certificate Courses Offered

  • Geology During 2016-17 Academic Year
  • Certificate Course in “Oil and Gas Operations Oil (Process Technician)” In Collaboration with Petro Serve Institute of Technology – An Institute of Oil and Gas Production Technology, Cochin.