National Cadet Corps (NCC)

“Unity and Discipline” can make students better citizens of tomorrow.

Over the years, National cadet Corps has developed into the premier youth organization in the country. Today it has been established itself as a variable auxiliary to the education system. The Corps is engaged in the character building of the student community, as a national investment for the future. NCC helps students in shaping a multifaceted personality.

NCC training helps in the development of Leadership, Cooperation, Discipline, Responsibility and Service. It makes Cadets tough and prepares them to meet the hardships of life by developing courage and presence of mind. The main task of the NCC is to build a strong youth force and aims at Nation Building. Taking part in the Republic Day parade is one of the greater experiences a student can have.

NCC In Our College

N C C Unit Of The Al-Ameen College Is Under The 22k (BN) Of Eloor. It Was Started In The Year 2003. The Total Strength Of The Corps Is 104.We Have The Corps Company For Both Girls And Boys. Our Company Has Participated In Various National And Regional Camps. Benefits Regarding NCC Cadets Are Given Only As Per The University Rules.

NCC Objectives

To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit Of Adventure, And Ideals Of Selfless Service Amongst The Youth Of The Country.

To Create A Human Resource Of Organized, Trained And Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership In All Walks Of Life And Be Always Available For The Service Of The Nation.

To Provide A Suitable Environment To Motivate The Youth To Take Up A Career In The Armed Forces.

NCC Activity

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