The Workshop on Project Report Writing, hosted by the Department of Commerce(self) at Al-Ameen College on 21st December 2023 at the Annexe, aimed to equip students with the essential skills and techniques required for effective project report composition.

Mr. Allen Varghese Jacob, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, conducted the workshop. His expertise in the field added significant value to the session.

The workshop delved into various aspects of project report writing, including structuring, formatting, content organization, citation methods, and presentation techniques.

Mr. Allen engaged participants in interactive activities, providing practical examples and exercises to reinforce understanding. Students received comprehensive guidance on how to articulate their project reports effectively, ensuring clarity, coherence, and professionalism in their submissions.

An open discussion allowed students to seek clarification on specific doubts and challenges related to project report writing. The workshop proved immensely beneficial, empowering students with practical skills necessary for crafting well-structured and impactful project reports.  The Workshop on Project Report Writing demonstrated the college’s commitment to holistic education by providing students with opportunities to refine their skills and excel in academic endeavors.