The Alumni Interaction Activity organized by the Department of Commerce (self), Al-Ameen College, took place on 8th December 2023 at the Annexe building. The event aimed to reduce the gap between current students and illustrious alumni, providing valuable insights into the professional world.

Mr. Salmanul Frizi, Mr. Amal Vijayan, and Mr. Muhammed Razik O.A., distinguished alumni, currently employed at Chennai TCS Company, graced the event with their presence. All three speakers were former graduates of the 2022 batch of B. Com Computer Application. The alumni shared their rich experiences, discussing industry trends, career challenges, and the significance of their educational journey at Al-Ameen College in shaping their professional success. The event featured an engaging Q&A session, allowing students to inquire about specific career paths, industry expectations, and tips for personal and professional development.

The interaction provided invaluable guidance and inspiration to the current students, offering real-world perspectives and fostering a sense of aspiration towards their career goals. It also strengthened the bond between the college and its alumni, paving the way for continued collaboration and support.

The Alumni Interaction Activity was a testament to the college’s commitment to providing holistic education by connecting students with successful alumni, enriching their academic journey with practical insights and mentorship opportunities.