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Webinar Series on Research Methodology


Research is an invaluable tool for building up crucial knowledge, and helps in understanding the complexities of various issues. A webinar series highlighting the significance of research was organized by the P.G Department of Commerce for all the final year Degree and Postgraduate students of our college from 19th  to 23rd  of December, 2020. The entire workshop was spread [...]

Webinar Series on Research Methodology2021-01-15T12:53:43+05:30

Investor Education Program


Security market is a component of the wider financial market where securities can be traded. Goings-on in the Capital Market relating to formation of capital, liquidity and risk management plays a major, important role in the growth and efficiency of any capital market. It helps in the efficient, direct flow of savings and investments in the economy [...]

Investor Education Program2020-10-07T09:53:43+05:30

Webinar Series on “ Gender Equity and Women Rights ”


PG Department of Commerce and IQAC of Al Ameen College, Edathala in association with Kerala Women’s Commission, conducted a webinar series on the topic “Gender Equity and Women rights” from 26-8-2020 to 29-8-2020. The major objective of the webinar was to provide an insightful session, dealing with Gender equity and also to provide more emphasize [...]

Webinar Series on “ Gender Equity and Women Rights ”2021-01-09T12:26:36+05:30

National Webinar on COVID 19: A Global Crisis or a Crisis of Globalization


COVID-19 pandemic is currently changing our understanding of the world around us. It has challenged many of our ideologies. Experts argue that this pandemic is an inevitable result of globalization and in turn, has seriously threatened the world’s globalization order. At this juncture, Department of Economics and Post Graduate Department of Commerce jointly organised a one [...]

National Webinar on COVID 19: A Global Crisis or a Crisis of Globalization2020-08-09T12:17:10+05:30



The Post Graduate Department of Commerce, Al Ameen College, Edathala organized an online trading platform dealing with school supplies and stationeries for the needy – the title of the program PUSTHAKASANCHI  was formulated with an aim to distribute quality school accessories at a reduced price thus making its availability lot more  easier for people [...]


Al- Ameen College provides relief to the farmers in crisis.


The lockdown period witnessed the intervention of the commerce department of Al-Ameen College, Edathala, extending their noble service to the farmers and cultivators of Organic mangoes. Around 3400 kg of organic mangoes from ‘Muthalamada’, Palakad Dist are being marketed by the college in association with corporative bank. The college does not take any share of [...]

Al- Ameen College provides relief to the farmers in crisis.2020-04-10T10:41:37+05:30

Naadan Poothotti 2019


The Post Graduate Department of Commerce has organized “ NADAN POOTHOTTI 2019” on 20-12-2019 . It was an initiative from the department since 2018 with an intention of creating environment awareness among the students. Wide varieties of common and basic flowers like thiruthali, chethikoduveli,vellaummam, chamatha, flower of nagakizhag etc were collected and exhibited in the [...]

Naadan Poothotti 20192020-03-12T11:52:18+05:30

Exhibition at CUSAT


The Post Graduate department of Al Ameen College, Edathala has come forward with a goal of uplifting the lives of the transgender community by encouraging them to be occupied in legally accepted jobs. In order to accomplish this goal, the department, in association with the transgender community is providing assistance to them in conducting exhibitions [...]

Exhibition at CUSAT2020-09-29T10:00:06+05:30
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