Research is the process of investigating a topic in an in-depth, systematic manner. Data collected is analyzed to examine its implications and support a defensible claim about the topic. The lengthy and cumbersome procedure for using statistical tools in the analysis often creates confusions in the minds of the students while undertaking a project. Keeping this in mind, PG Department of Commerce has organised a one day workshop – hands on training on JAMOVI, a user friendly software for undertaking data analysis in social science research.

The hands on training was conducted on 7th August, 2023 at Language Lab. The resource person of the session was Dr. Vineeth KM, Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor, Government College, Thripunithura. The meeting was presided by Dr. Cini Kurian, Principal and Ms. Shamila NA, HoD welcomed the gathering &  Dr. Leena Varghese delivered vote of thanks.

The workshop has imparted fresh insights in the minds of the students in undertaking research analysis in a very simple manner. The software proved to be remarkably user-friendly, offering a free and open statistical solution to bridge the gap between researchers and statisticians. It provides Graphical User Interface for R Programming which is one of the most widely used open-source statistical package in the field of Data Science across the world. It serves as  a compelling alternative to costly statistical products such as SPSS, Stata and SAS, etc.