Nothing can be more beneficial for a student than working at a start-up. It helps them develop a vision of what they want from their lives and helps them work towards achieving that goal. Doing activities and following your passion improves your overall chances of success. Understanding the importance of start-ups, the Department of Commerce and IEDC have organized a Seminar on start-up ecosystems for the second-year degree students on March 15, 2023, at the college seminar hall. The resource person for the session was Mr.Nitheesh Kurian (RSET,Kochi). The resource person explained the importance of creating a start-up ecosystem, as it is the engine of economic growth. He pointed out that they are the source of new jobs, new products, and new services, and that they drive innovation and create wealth. Towards the end of the session, the students were able to share their ideas, which can be converted into prototypes and models. Dr.Nisha Joseph, IEDC Nodal Officer, highlighted that working in a start-up will teach you valuable lessons in how to deal with work pressure and juggle multiple roles and responsibilities.