The Post Graduate Department of Commerce orchestrated a community extension programme on 22nd August, 2023. Final year undergraduate students, accompanied by two teachers, embarked on a heartfelt journey to visit the residents of Peace Valley in Nellikuzhy. There were around 350 persons currently staying in that organisation and most of them were bed ridden, dialysis patients and few were in pain and palliative centre. Around 60 students in 2 college buses reached the centre and provided a fund of Rs. 14000 to the administrators to offer a special lunch to the inmates on the same day. The care takers explained clearly about the inmates, their illness and day to day routine. It was great experience for the students to realize the life condition of the inmates and develop empathy towards them. The students interacted with the inmates and sang songs with them.As the day drew to a close, the students departed with their hearts filled with emotion, promising to return in the company of their families and friends.