The Department of Biotechnology organised a water quality analysis and awareness  campaign on 22, August 2023. The campaign was conducted with the motive of assessing the quality of water in the Edathala panchayat area. Water pollution problems will arise as the monsoon season draws to a close. Therefore, evaluating the water’s quality will be crucial.

 In the biotechnology laboratory, the sample collection process started at 9:30 am. The first ten samples were tested for free, and each additional sample costed only 100 rupees. About 13 samples were received for testing.The residents of Edathala Gramapanchayat and college employees provided the samples. Additionally an awareness class was also held in the seminar hall at 10. 30 am. Mr. Praveen T. V, a dedicated water treatment plant operator employed by the Kerala Water Authority in Aluva, led an informative session highlighting the significance of water quality and providing valuable insights into the operation of water treatment plants.By conducting this programme, the students were  able to:

  • Understand water quality criteria and standards, and their relation to public health, environment and urban water cycle
  •  To recognise, articulate, and address environmental issues
  • Have a working knowledge of water quality characteristics of water sources
  • Become capable of committing themselves to address social issues.

Some residents of Edathala Gramapanchayat also attended the session. They cleared their queries on chlorination of well water.

The whole event was coordinated by Ms. Remisha Ramesh and Ms. Nazla K A, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology.The programme received rave reviews from the participants.