Department of Bcom Computer Application conducted an interactive session on “Stress Management during the Pandemic” on 18th May, 2021 at 10.30 am.  The guest speaker of the event was Dr. Shalini Ajith, Assistant Professor, Al Ameen College. The webinar was conducted to address and spread awareness about mental health in this pandemic time and also to talk about how to deal with such issues of mental wellbeing. It started with the welcome note of Ms. Missiriya P R followed by inaugural address of Dr Mary Kurian, Head of the Department.

 The pandemic is very stressful to students as well parents which created more fear and anxiety among them. So it is very much essential to curtail the negative impact of covid -19 from the minds of children. The guest speaker introduced certain simple methods to reduce their stress and also talked about how to maintain positivity in mind as well among the people around.  The speaker quoted “Music therapy and yoga not only to releases stress, but also to give strength to body and mind”.

Following are tips given by Dr. Shalini Ajith on how to release mental stress and to cope up with stress of everyday living—

*spend time each day with your parents while they are doing household activities

* set one or two hobbies in life

*help others, physical or financially, as you can

*get in touch with others

*eat less, but balanced food

 *Include 20 minutes of exercise in your daily routine

All the above tips given seemed very useful for the students to reduce stress they feel in this pandemic time. The participants of the webinar had a wonderful experience throughout the webinar. Beautiful songs of Ms.  Anziya Mujeeb and Mrs. Sridevi Ginesh made the program more colourful.