The Department of B com CA, Al- Ameen college, organized an informal virtual gathering for the students and teachers on 21th May ,2021. All the participants were enthusiastically involved in the meeting. A wide range of topics that are  socially and personally relevant were discussed in the meeting,  like missing campus and college life, the existing dowry system and its consequences, delay in exams, online classes, its pros , cons and so on.

The event  was followed by cultural programs performed by the students, including musical performances, poetry, mimicry etc. This much needed get together, was a respite for everyone amidst the pandemic which is gripping the lives of Al-Ameen fraternity.The main aim was to create a classroom atmosphere for the students and teachers and to bring back the exuberant  college days. The importance of such gatherings for maintaining morale and enriching the rapport among the students and the teachers were enforced through the meeting.  The program  concluded with the motto  to conduct many more such gatherings in the future.