Al Ameen College, Bhoomitra sena club organized a one-week long program from 16 October to 23 October 2020 as part of the “ World habitat day” celebration. The focal theme for the program by the club was “Let’s protect the habitat of butterflies”. Through these programs, various flowering plants, which could attract butterflies were planted in the garden and the weeds of the butterfly garden have been removed to beautify the garden.

Through the program we aim to provide a combination of adult nectar sources and larval   host    plants to attract a    maximum variety of butterfly   species and encourage butterflies to remain in our garden, reproduce, and build populations instead of just passing through.

The program was inaugurated by Al Ameen College Principal Dr Cini Kurian by planting the “kilukkampetti plant” in the garden. In her inaugural speech, she spoke about the importance of such a garden and appreciated the effort of bhoomitra sena club members to make it better. The program was coordinated by the club coordinator Ms Alphy Nisa Steaphen and the members of the club including the joint coordinator Ms Jiss Therese,Dr. Shalini Ajith, Dr.Angel C John, Ms Sreeja C, and Mr.Safeer Ummer have actively participated in the program. During the inauguration the teachers from various departments –Ms Rahimol Ramesh,Ms Sridevi,Mr.Sinulal, Dr.Salam, and Dr.Sajin were present and appreciated the efforts of the club.