The lack of drinkable water in summer is causing thousands of birds and other species to die every year. As part of our bird protection activities, the Biodiversity club decided to provide water for birds in some corners of campus.  This was an initial trial set up done by the club due to extreme weather conditions in the summer and the lack of drinkable water for birds.

The program –“Give Water, Save birds” was introduced in our college on 16th October 2020. The club members assembled in the state flower garden and kept the 1st pot with water in the state flower garden and decided to keep more pots on the campus in the coming days. The club members were divided into teams and assigned the duty to replace the shallow pot filled with water at least twice daily, i.e. in the morning when birds come out of their nests and in the evening when they are returning to their homes.

 As the initial trial of the program was a success and as many birds started to come for drinking water, the 2nd pot for the same was kept in front of the college courtyard in November with the name tagged as Birdbath area.  The program was coordinated by the faculty members of the biodiversity club including Ms Alphy Nisa Steaphen, Ms Jiss Therese and Dr.Salini Ajith.