The Institution’s Innovative Council (IIC), in association with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre conducted a workshop on “Role of Teachers in Developing an Innovation Ecosystem” on 13th July 2022 at the Seminar hall. Mr. Manoj Govind, Corporate Business Trainer and Executive Vice President, CLAP International School of Business was the resource person.

The workshop started at 2:30 pm. 15 teachers from various departments participated in the workshop. The workshop was intended to give awareness to the teachers on the importance of a start-up/ entrepreneurial society. The resource person started the session by explaining the basic difference between a traditional or conventional business and a start- up.  He talked about the importance of perspective and out-of-the box thinking in a start-up culture.

The class addressed various issues like patenting, why some start-ups fail, the different stages involved in a product development process, etc. The class was interactive and the speaker gave some puzzles and activities to make the session more interesting. The class was thought provoking as it would help the teachers to guide the students on to a start-up culture.