Institutions’ Innovation Council of Al Ameen College in Association with NIPAM has organised a webinar on Intellectual Property Rights on February 2nd 2023 using a WebEx Virtually meet platform resource person is Dr Ruchi Kumari examiner of patents and Designs and Designs IPO Chennai Ministry of Commerce.

 She tried to provide basic awareness on IPR among the student community as well as among faculty members of our college she he tried to convince the members of the college about the need to have an IPR policy in the institution as well as the necessity and significance of implementing it in our Institution. IPR awareness is vital to generate patents and according to her if if I try to commercialise it.

 We should have some knowledge on IPR and how we can protect our patent or how we can approach anyone regarding the filing of pattern application this are the issues that a raised by the students and she provided convincing answers to all of them. According to her outreach and promotion is necessary to create this basic knowledge and according patterns copyright trademarks and trade secrets are something are the are underline in this IPR policy and this Where discussed clearly in IPR policy of the Government of India.

Innovation is once on minds creativity using criticize thinking we are developing our idea and once we develop the idea into a productive one we can protected use by filing for patents trade secrets copyrights or trademarks and we doesn’t know  how to do all this. What she interested is that big can creative and we can claim and exclusive right over our creation and there are different methods to apply for it first of all we have to apply through a through either through and attorney or through government portal. We can apply for it never stop innovations always challenges anything that inferences are copyright Trademark secrets of patents and we have to collect evidence on our Innovation and what she insisted is that we should try to award join partnership in IPR as far as possible the section itself is very informative and students raised certain objections which she cleared evidently. Total of 50 students and 5 faculty members have attended the session. And the session was coordinated by Dr. Kala N. and Ms. Ashina Z.