The Department of Commerce (self) conducted a soft skill training programme on Basic English grammar and pronunciation for the benefit of final-year B. Com. students of Al Ameen College on June 6, 2023. Shamna S. (Asst. Prof. and EEEC Trainer), Hasna V. A. (Asst. Prof. and EEEC Trainer, Dept. of English) were the resource persons of the programme. The session was coordinated by Dr. Mary P. U. (Hod, Dept. of Commerce) and student coordinators Aparna P. R. and Minhaj P. M.

The first session of training began with an introduction. Students were given five minutes to prepare themselves for the introduction. At a time, two students as a group were asked to introduce each other. Each student introduced their friend and also spoke about their whereabouts and qualities.

In the second section, a group discussion was the main theme. Students were divided into groups of five. Every group was allotted 5 minutes for discussion. Every group was asked to come up with an idea of what they could do as a group. All groups came up with different ideas and presented them to the audience. This session helped students to enhance their creative as well as communication skills.

In the third session, students were introduced to phonetic alphabets and their pronunciation. 40 phonetic alphabets were taught and made familiar with the help of examples. Trainers instructed students to learn the pronunciation of 10 different words each day with the help of a dictionary. Finally, students were asked to share their feedback about the session. Sreekuttan P. R. and Aparna P. R. shared their feedback. The programme was concluded by a vote of thanks of student coordinator Aparna P.R.