Every year, World Environment Day is observed to increase public awareness of the need to conserve the environment and the planet. People worldwide engage in eco-friendly activities on this day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet.

The department of Biotechnology held an awareness programme on June 7, 2023, in honour of World Environment Day. The goal of celebrating World Environment Day is to encourage everyone to think about newer strategies for reducing resource consumption, developing greener models, becoming more sustainable, protecting wild spaces, teaching and inspiring youngsters to live in harmony with nature, and empowering them to protect the environment for future generations.

Mr. Sujith C. P. officially inaugurated the programme at 10:00 a.m. in the seminar hall. The presidential address was delivered by the principal, Dr. Cini Kurian.

Mr. Sujith Cherthala, better known as Variety Farmer, is a successful youtuber, recipient of the Youth icon award winner in agriculture 2022, and an agriculture consultant who is renowned for using new approaches in agriculture. He educated the local farmers and students on his experience and expertise in agriculture. The programme has attracted over 30 farmers from the Edathala Gramapanchayath.  All queries  regarding implementing new agricultural techniques were answered .  By conducting this awareness program, the participants were  able to:

1.Understand the impact of agricultural solutions in societial and environmental context

  1. Disseminate innovative technologies in agriculture
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development
  3. Capable of committing themselves to the environment.

The department also provided cloth bags and seeds for the participants. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Rahimol Ramesh, HOD.

The program received exceptional feedback from participants and undoubtedly the event emerged as a resounding success .