Al Ameen College in association with IIC and IEDC has conducted seminar on NEP parameters And Higher Education. The resource person was Professor Harry Clertus retired Principal, St Albert’s College Ernakulum. In order to give a proper awareness faculty members and students on NEP, we have convinced a seminar on the topic. The program was conducted on in October.

As we all know NEP 2020 is a heated topic of debate among academicians nowadays. The pros and conserine piece widely discuss and we are trying to incorporate the major salient features of NEP in our academic curriculum. We have discussions on how to implement it effectively in our academic circle. Education is a basic requirement and where we should utilise the full potential of our students to promote the development of the society as well as the nation. The Global education agenda as reflected in UN sustainable development goals SDGs ensures quality education and equal opportunities for all by 2030.

By implementing NEP in our higher education system we are trying to achieve this aim. The resource person has discussed in detail different parameters that is a 7 different parameters that was envisaged in NEP. He quelled the questions proposed by different faculty members regarding the topic. The seminar give some insights into the topic and as being a faculty member we are trying to implement it in our Aqar and SSR. The section was indeed very interesting and informative and it give as some inclusion in the topic which we can adapt in our teaching learning system.