The Competitive Examination Forum, in association with the Department of Business Administration, conducted a webinar on “Career Opportunities in Management Education,” focusing on the benefits of doing an MBA at IIM ‘s and top B-schools.

MBA programmes are commonly thought to foster expertise and career opportunities in management, corporate finance, and securities. On the other hand, MBA graduates can work in various fields. Awareness regarding the opportunities of the course was the main aim of this webinar.

The resource person for the session was Mr. Hardy Joseph SR., General Manager, T.I.M.E., Kochi, who is an expert and has 27 years of experience in providing training for competitive examinations and in academics, both in India and abroad.

Altogether, 24 participants attended the programme from various departments, and they were given an insight into the benefits of doing an MBA at top B-schools and the ways to reach these institutions. In the webinar, the participants were given an overview of the MBA programme, where topics like what an MBA is, eligibility criteria, top MBA colleges in India, types Of MBA in India, MBA accreditations, course overview, MBA tuition costs, MBA salaries in India, and the requirements Of MBA exams were explained in detail to them.

The programme was coordinated by Reyza Nezrin (Faculty Coordinator and Member of the Competitive Examination Forum) under the guidance of Deepthi Serene Jose (Head Of the Department of Business Administration) and Dr. Abdul Hakeem (Competitive Examination Cell Coordinator).