The Department of Economics in association with IIC organized a seminar on 18/07/2023 on the topic” IPR as a business” from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm in the seminar hall. The resource person was Dr Athira P R, Director IPR at NUALS. Dr. Athira PR emphasized the symbiotic relationship between IPR and innovation . It was organized with the primary objective of providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and business strategies. The seminar began with a welcome address by Dr Shaniba M H, HOD. The seminar aimed to equip participants with insights into the strategic utilization of IPR to enhance business competitiveness, foster innovation, and protect intellectual assets. Around 38 students participated in the seminar. The content was tailored to provide insights suitable for those interested in understanding how IPR influences business operations, innovation and growth.

Dr. Athira PR began the seminar by providing a foundational understanding of different types of intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. This introduction laid the groundwork for participants to grasp the significance of IPR in the business. Dr. Athira PR elucidated how companies can align IPR considerations with their overall strategies to safeguard innovations, establish a unique brand identity, and secure a competitive world. The seminar also addressed the legal considerations surrounding IPR enforcement and infringement.

The seminar achieved these objectives effectively such as enhanced understanding of various types of IPR, practical methods of monetizing IPR assets and legal awareness on IPR enforcement. It provided participants with a deep understanding of the strategic role of IPR in business, encouraging them to recognize the importance of protecting and leveraging intellectual assets in a competitive global environment. It ended with the delivering of vote of thanks by Dr Kala N, faculty coordinator of the programme.