The Department of Commerce (Self) at Alameen College, Edathala, organised an insightful event titled “Foundation for Success: Navigating the Path to Academic Excellence This event served as the orientation for first-year students and occurred on July 19th, 2023, spanning from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm in the college’s seminar hall.

The seminar had the goal of imparting valuable insights to recently enrolled students, helping them attain academic excellence and establish a solid foundation for their future endeavours. The event was elevated by the presence of the esteemed guest speaker, Sri Manjush Navale, who shared his expertise, and it saw the active participation of 50 students.

The event commenced with an opening address by the head of the Department of Commerce, emphasizing the importance of setting a strong academic foundation. Sri Manjush Navale, an eminent figure in the field of education, shared his invaluable insights on effective study techniques, time management, and strategies to excel in academics. He stressed the significance of holistic development and encouraged students to engage in extracurricular activities alongside their studies.

A member of the organizing committee gave a vote of appreciation at the end of the gathering, thanking Sri Manjush Navale and all those present.

Overall, “Foundation for Success: Navigating the Path to Academic Excellence” provided an enriching platform for students to gain valuable insights and strategies to excel in their academic journey. The event marked a promising beginning for the newly enrolled students of Alameen College, Edathala, as they embarked on their educational pursuits.

Number of participants: 50

Objective of the program: To enrich the students to gain valuable insights and strategies to excel in their journey.