The PG Dept of Commerce has organized an Investor Education  Programme for the UG and PG students with the objective of empowering them with knowledge to evaluate different financial products and make informed decisions. The webinar conducted on 22.04.2021 was divided into two technical sessions.

The first session named as ‘Basics of Capital Market’ focused on providing characters to protect investors by educating them on their rights and responsibilities. Mr.Sumith C.S, the Resource Person assorted the ways and methodologies that enables the investors to understand and manage risk, reduce investors vulnerability to fraudulent schemes etc.

The second session led by Shibunath T.A. concentrated on ‘Role of Depository in Capital market’. The resource person was able to explain the facts that a depository can legally transfer the beneficial ownership of securities. He pinpointed that the main objective of a depository is to minimize the paper work involved with ownership, trading and transfer of securities.

The two  hour programme which started by 10.30 AM was designed to stimulate the young minds towards financial education which is the  basic life skill to build a secure financial future.

Proper financial knowledge can improve your ability to save for your long term goals and prevent you and your family from financial exigencies was the concept realized by the 55 students through this programme which was co-ordinated by Prof. Nisha Joseph from Dept of Commerce.