With the advent of market oriented economy it has become vital for all professionals to get acquaint with basic ideas of economics, financial markets and banking system. In fact, this sector provides a lot of employment opportunities to young aspirants. The department of economics has introduced this certificate course for the students to impart basic knowledge regarding this stream and imbibe themselves to get updated with the changing financial arena.

Financial institutions and markets play a significant role in all the modern economies of the world. The study of this area is significant especially after the financial sector reforms in most of the countries. This course is designed to acquaint the students with the changing role of the financial sector of the economy. The stake holders are to familiarize with the basic concepts, the financial institutions and markets.

Banking has a long history in the world. It has undergone profound changes in recent years especially after the far-reaching banking sector reforms in India and elsewhere. The course is designed to acquaint the students with the working of banks and to familiarize them with the
basic principles and concepts which are often used in banking literature.