Our staff and students attended a seminar at the Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradam, Chunaganamvely, Aluva on the topic ‘Innovations to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing.’ The programme organized by Dr George Peter, Director, Mithradam started with a session by Dr Albert Esper, CEO of InfoTech Ingenieursgesellsehaft, Germany on post harvesting processes using renewable energy. Successful small scale agriculture in developing countries make use of innovative agriculture practices using natural resources like bees, water management as well as post harvest technologies and green logistics. Dr Shaji James P, Professor, Faem Power, K.A.U explored a new world of energy conservation for homestead agriculture in Kerala as well as the creation of a modern value chain right from growing, storing, processing and marketing crops for a global “ One worldNo Hunger” situation . Other topics discussed were water management process by Dr Mary Regina, Water Engineering K.A.U, marketing opportunities in India and international partnership on ecofair principles in India and Sanzibar respectively by Mr. Bobby Issac and Dr. Issac Adodadji .