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World Environment Day Celebration


As a part of world environment day,in association with NCC,NSS,Nature Club,Bhoomitra Sena Club and Department of Biotechnology on 5th June 2020 , our college whole heartedly  took part in the celebration through an initiative of planting various tree samplings in and around the college campus. Smt. Sajitha Abbas, Edathala Grama Panchayath president inaugurated and felicitated [...]

World Environment Day Celebration2020-06-16T09:17:08+05:30

Students Visit Biodiversity Hotspot


The Biodiversity club of Al-Ameen College organised a field trip to PonnakudamKavu, a sacred grove in Thevakkal, Ernakulam district on 29th February,2020. 25 students and 4 teachers participated in the field visit. PonnakudamKavu is a wide area spanning 7 acres of land and hosts wide varieties of plants and animals. Many endangered species of plants [...]

Students Visit Biodiversity Hotspot2020-06-01T15:39:44+05:30

Capturing the Faunal Diversity: Photography Competition


Biodiversity club of Al-Ameen College, Edathala organized a photography competition for students and staff on the faunal diversity of the College campus from 16th to 20th of January,2020. The objective of the competition was to identify the best nature photographer and provide them an opportunity to observe the faunal diversity in the campus and thereby [...]

Capturing the Faunal Diversity: Photography Competition2020-06-01T12:32:29+05:30

Medicinal Plants adorns “NAKSHATRAVANAM”


The Biodiversity club of Al-Ameen Collegebuilt “Nakshatravanam”, a garden of twenty seven trees with high medicinal values, in the campus on 30th November,2019. The27 trees in the sacred grove represent 27 Nakshatras (stars) of Indian Astrology.It indicates the relationship between human beings and trees. The programme was inaugurated by the Principal Prof M.B.Sasidharan. He planted a sapling in [...]

Medicinal Plants adorns “NAKSHATRAVANAM”2020-06-01T12:25:58+05:30

Biodiversity Club Builds ‘Nine Planet Garden’


To create awareness among students regarding the protection of nature and the conservation of biodiversity, the Biodiversity club of Al-Ameen College built a “Nine planet Garden” in the college campus on 30th November 2019. Speaking on the inaugural function, the College Principal Prof M.B Sasidharan mentioned about the importance of protecting nature. He encouraged all [...]

Biodiversity Club Builds ‘Nine Planet Garden’2020-06-01T12:24:17+05:30

Al-Ameen College joints hands with Haritha Kerala Mission and E-Unnathi


The Biodiversity Club of Al-Ameen College Edathala organized a programme on making of Pachathuruth in association with both Haritha Kerala Mission and E-unnathi under the ‘Mythri-Mytree’ project. The aim of this program was to conserve the local biodiversity by growing a miniature forest in a vacant space available in the college campus. ‘Pachathuruth’ not only [...]

Al-Ameen College joints hands with Haritha Kerala Mission and E-Unnathi2020-06-01T13:20:10+05:30

Map of Flowers: A New Initiative to Celebrate Biodiversity


The Biodiversity club of Al-Ameen College organised a yearlong programme to build a “State flower Garden” in the college campus”. The garden constructed in the shape of India includes all state flowers.Through the garden the club aims not only to conserve the most special plant of each state but also to give an awareness about [...]

Map of Flowers: A New Initiative to Celebrate Biodiversity2020-10-23T11:06:23+05:30

Biodiversity Club Observes World Habitat Day


The destruction of natural habitats is not just catastrophic for nature but for human beings as well. TheUnited Nations‘World Habitat Day’ is annually celebrated to reflect on the state of human settlements and people’s right to sufficient shelter. It also aims to remind people that they are responsible for the habitat of future generation.The Biodiversity [...]

Biodiversity Club Observes World Habitat Day2020-06-01T13:03:46+05:30

Biodiversity Club Inaugurated


The awareness about biodiversity protection was strengthened by Al-Ameen College Nature Club on 18th July 2019 by introducing a Biodiversity Club in our college. The club was introduced to conserve biodiversity in a timely manner and is formed to carry out programmes for conservation of local biodiversity. It also aims to equip younger generation [...]

Biodiversity Club Inaugurated2020-06-01T15:19:42+05:30

Rare and Endangered flora preserved in ‘SHANTHISTHAL’


With the objective of conserving biodiversity, the Biodiversity Club of Al-Ameen College established ‘Shanthisthal’, a man-made forest ecosystem spanning around twenty cents of land, in the College campus under the guidelines of Kerala State Biodiversity Board. It aims to make a forest grove with rare, endangered and threatened (RET)species of flora. Dr. JunaidRahman, Manger, Al [...]

Rare and Endangered flora preserved in ‘SHANTHISTHAL’2020-06-01T15:45:39+05:30
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