The MoU is signed between Al-Ameen College, Edathala and Green Circle Pvt Ltd, as part of the Green Campus Initiative Project. The areas of cooperation  aimed at ensuring efficient waste management on campus. As part of the MoU, the parties will implement projects such as environmental auditing, training on efficient waste management, periodic collection of E-waste, non-degradable solid waste, biodegradable waste recycling and repurpose, as well as helping with water recycling. The second party will assist in these activities as necessary.

MoUs are valid for 1 year from 1st January 2022 and each activity is subject to mutual acceptance by both parties.

E-Waste collected from the college was about to dispatch for recycling by Clean Circle Pvt Ltd on 09/02/2022

Segregated solid wastes are collecting by Clean Circle Pvt Ltd for recycling and repurposing

Segregated solid waste storage tank before and after taken for recycling