The Bhoomithrasna club of Al-Ameen College started a Windrow composting unit-(an improved bacterial composting method) as a part of our solid waste management program with the assistance of college management . A training on Windrow composting was conducted by the Bhoomithrasena Club on 11th  February, 2022. The training was handled by Mr.Thajudeen Aboobaker, Founder, CEO, Clean Circle Pvt Ltd.. In the first session the theoretical principles of windrow composting was explained to understand the importance of the windrow composting process and to achieve the waste management objectives our college efficiently . The topics covered in the class included handling types of waste to be added, the speciality of bacterial consortium ,the composting cycle ,factors affecting and the proper maintenance of the windrow compost unit.

In the next session a demonstration and hands on training was conducted for the students and cleaning staffs. In the class the expert explained and demonstrated each step of the composting process. He also gave suggestion to construct simple windrow compost units at each student’s home and told about the cheap and locally available alternatives, which can be used as consortium.. Around 62 students of of the college and 8 cleaning staffs attended the class. The club coordinator Ms. Alphy Nisa Steaphen along with the members of Bhoomithrasena club coordinated this event. The program coordinator for the event was Abdul  Majid K Y .