NSS Unit-2 of Al-Ameen College in association with Women Cell and Indian Medical Association (IMA) Cochin Chapter conducted an awareness class and distribution of menstrual cups. All the NSS students actively participated in this successful programme. The programme was conducted on 4 December 2021. There were 6 doctors taking the awareness class. The programme commenced at 10:00 am and was concluded at 12:30 pm.

                         The welcome speech was delivered by Dr Sreeja S, the NSS programme coordinator. The doctors were very interactive with students so that the students could ask their doubts. The most exciting feature about this class is that it has indeed changed the perception of students about menstrual cups. They taught everyone about the usage and benefits of menstrual cups. Also, they separated the whole students into 9 groups with each group containing 1 doctor to create effective communication with the students.

                        When the awareness class was over, the distribution of menstrual cups started outside the auditorium. The price of each menstrual cup was Rs.100 only. So, the students were able to take advantage of this opportunity. Along with a menstrual cup, a sterilizer was also available there.

                         Apart from this programme, a 7-day menstrual cup campaign was conducted by the NSS Unit of Al-Ameen College, starting from 6 December 2021. A great response from the part of both students and teachers was noted.