Dec 2nd is celebrated as National Pollution Control Day annually in memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal gas tragedy and also to prevent such mishaps from happening again. As part of celebrating this important day, Nature Club of Al-Ameen College organized a talk ‘Last breath-Let’s talk world pollution’ to create awareness among students regarding the different types of pollution and its impact on our environment. Mr. Thajudheen Aboobaker, founder and CEO, Clean Circle Pvt. Ltd was the resource person. He is an activist cum entrepreneur working in the field of waste management.

The program started at 2:30pm with a prayer followed by Welcome address by Asst Prof. Shania Mary Jose, Nature Club coordinator, Al-Ameen College.Dr. Leena Varghese, IQAC Coordinator addressed the gathering and stressed the importance of controlling pollution for our own benefit. Mr. Thajudheen Aboobaker discussed the greenhouse effect and its impact on the average temperature of the earth’s surface. He told the students how our actions increase the presence of greenhouse gases which in turn enhances the greenhouse effect. He talked about different types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, marine pollution etc. He also made the students reflect on the waste management approaches adopted by them in their homes. It was a well-put-together, highly informative and necessary discussion.

 Asst. Prof. Sreeja C, Coordinator, Bhoomitrasena Club was also present. 85 students from various departments attended the program. The talk ended with Vote of Thanks proposed by Insaf of II  year BTTM, student coordinator, Nature Club.