Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Kerala organized an Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) campaign to raise awareness of anaemia.  The campaign has been included in the Chief Minister’s 10-point programme to combat anaemia among children. Prevention and control of anaemia is one of the key strategies of the Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programmes for reducing maternal, neonatal and childhood mortality and improving maternal, adolescent and childhood health status. Anaemia, thus poses a major threat to maternal and child survival, contributes to low birth weight, lowered resistance to infection, poor cognitive development and decreased work productivity. The magnitude of anaemia together with the associated adverse health, development and economic consequences, highlights the need for intensified action to address this public health problem. The anaemia awareness campaign was done for the students for creating awareness about iron deficiency, the after-effects and how it can be treated. Suja Jacob (CDPO) welcomed the gathering. Dr, Shibini Mol PA (NSS Programme officer, Al Ameen College, Edathala), Mrs Neenu Rose (NSS Program officer, St.Xavier’s College Aluva), Dr Sunitha M. S. (NSS Program officer, Bharath Matha College, Choondi), Mrs Sunitha K. S. (NSS Program officer, MES College, Edathala) felicitated the occasion. The key-note speaker of the webinar was Dr A. V.  Gayathri (Assistant professor Amrita Institute of Medical Science). In this live interactive session, students were aware of the importance of personal hygiene, periodic de-worming etc. She explained the symptoms of anaemia and how to prevent it. Mrs Ancy Sebastian, ICDS supervisor gave the vote of thanks.