Attending online classes everyday has become the ‘new normal’ for the students of India. As colleges were shut because of the lockdown to the spread of coronavirus, online classes have taken Centre stage in students’ lives.

 In this context Bcom Computer Applications dept. arranged a debate for 1st year students on offline Vs. Online education. The debate helped the students to think critically and share their ideas on the given topic. Debaters from the team online education said it is a useful teaching method for the new generation and has flexibility. Advanced technology makes online teaching more effective

Debaters from the team offline said it allows the teachers and students for more interaction. Some students who reside in remote areas find it difficult to access online education due to poor internet connectivity which may affect their learning.

The moderator concluded the session by saying that online and offline education has to go hand in hand based on the situation. But offline education is needed especially in cases where practical skills are very much needed.