Department of Biotechnology, Al Ameen College Edathala held a treasure hunt, elocution competition and other environmental activities in connection with world environment day observance on June 5, 2022. The theme for world environment day 2022 was Only One Earth with the focus on ‘Living Sustainably in harmony with nature’.

The treasure hunt was conducted on 7 June 2022. A team composed of 2 members from each department could participate in the treasure hunt.  Seven teams from different departments participated in the treasure hunt competition. The event was held with the aim of making students more aware of the environment through the clues given for ‘hunting the treasure’. Two students from department of BBA won first place in the treasure hunt competition and received gorgeous bonsai trees as prizes.

An elocution competition was also held via online. The participants were requested to make a video talk on ‘One Earth’.

The department’s environmental activities included providing saplings to local schools and educating people about the environment. The principals of the Govt. High School in Nochima and the Al Ameen Public School in Edathala each received saplings. Teachers provided an awareness class to students about environment protection.

The programme was a big success and allowed for a focus on the 2022 environment day celebration’s subject.