Institutions’ Innovation Council of Al Ameen College has conducted a workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development on 3rd February 2023. The session was handled by Mr. Aswin  CJ, Designer Lead at RIAFY in the absence of the assigned resource person Dr. Ajay Basil, our External Expert.

He is aware of entrepreneurial and innovative culture that exist in our college and also among our students. In his talk he stressed the need to be passionate about ideas which encourages them to do what they need. He also discussed about the fears of executing a project and opined that these fears should not refrain them from doing or executing their ideas. Many attempted and many challenges are met in our journey to be a successful innovator. They should reroute there stand in innovation whenever they meet any failures. Hard work and creativity are required to build this Entrepreneurship and what we stress at this point is truth and honesty to earn a living. Attitude are considered to be the brick and motor over entrepreneurial culture.

Total of 30 students and 4 faculty members have attended the session and the session was coordinated by Dr. Kala N, President, IIC and Ms.Ashina Z, Convenor, IIC.