Institution Innovation Council of Al Ameen College in association with KMEA Engineering College has organized one day workshop in Drone Development. The student Members of IIC have attended the workshop. There was registration fee of Rs. 1000/- per student. “Game of Drones” workshop was organised by KMEA Engineering College in collaboration with several other colleges and communities. The workshop aimed to provide students with hands-on experience and knowledge of the latest developments in drone technology.

During the two-day program, students were introduced to the basic concepts of aviation and the working of drones. They also had the opportunity to assemble their own drone from scratch and learn about the different components involved. In addition to assembling their own drones, students were also introduced to an industrial-grade flight stack and received training in drone simulation. This provided students with the opportunity to learn drone flying concepts virtually and develop their skills before attempting a real-life flight.

The highlight of the workshop was the drone flying training session, where students got hands-on experience in flying a drone and honing their piloting skills. This was a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical experience in drone technology and to develop their understanding of the applications of drones in various industries. In addition to the practical training and hands-on experience, students also learned about the future of drone technology and its potential applications. Drones are increasingly being used in various industries such as agriculture, delivery services, and search and rescue operations.

 As the technology continues to advance, it is likely that drones will play an even greater role in our lives in the years to come. The workshop provided students with a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of drone technology and how it is shaping the future. By participating in the workshop, students not only gained valuable hands-on experience but also a better understanding of the potential applications of drone technology and the opportunities it presents.

Overall, the “Game of Drones” workshop provided students from Al Ameen College with a unique and valuable learning experience. The hands-on approach, combined with theoretical knowledge, provided students with a well-rounded understanding of the latest developments in drone technology.10 students and one Faculty from the college have benefitted by the session.