The department of physics, Al-Ameen College, Edathala arranged a webinar  on “Fostering Scientific Temper Through Films” on 12th august 2020 as part of the webinar series organised by them .Despite having  more than 250 registrations, since the online platform was changed to Zoom, only 100 students were able to be part of the program .  The session witnessed the participation of students from Al-Ameen College and also from various other colleges.

Dr Sreeja S, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics welcomed and introduced  the distinguished speaker, Dr S.Shankararaman, HOD of optoelectronics, Kerala University, Trivandrum to the  participants of the webinar.  His achievements include 170 publications and his interested fields are Laser applications, Fractal & Time series analysis, Nano-bio-photonics and ceramics.

The session described ‘how to learn physics’ or more precisely ‘how to foster the scientific temper in students’. The speaker included various clippings from films to convey the message with clarity and the session was highly interesting. He also shared his thoughts about the role of teachers in education and conveyed that education should not be based on ‘success’ and ‘failure’ but that , it should include everyone .

The speaker introduced his way of approaching physics in a quite interesting way which he named as DVD approach: “DREAM DIFFERENTLY,VIEW DIFFERENTLY,DO DIFFERENTLY AND ENJOY PHYSICS”. Through various movie clippings he explained topics like optical illusion, atmospheric refraction, Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering and so on. Thus he highlighted  that there are a lot of things to learn in each and every minute from the things happening in our daily life. He also mentioned about the way a film can influence in fostering our scientific temper.

The resource person was highly  successful in giving his perspectives on the need for reforming our education system and he painted a perfect picture on how to approach science. .The one hour  webinar was really worth for the participants.

The participants appreciated the session and they were motivated by the theme of the session and the webinar ended with the vote of thanks. The recorded version of the webinar is uploaded in YouTube and the corresponding link is