Department of chemistry conducted a seminar on the topic “Visualizing Chemistry and chemical processes – Colour structure and properties”. Dr Sreejith Shankar, senior scientist & Assistant Professor (AcSIR), NIIST Trivandrum was the speaker. It was conducted on 7th October 2022 in the seminar hall. The function was organized for encouraging the finesse of the students. All the staffs and all our students were attended the session. He discussed about how smart materials provide an opportunity for the real time visualization of complex chemical reaction. He also   argued that ‘smart materials’ or ‘intelligent materials’ are in use since the past three or four decades. His talks intend to explore a brief history of smart materials, advancements made in the field as well as the sustainable and futuristic applications of such materials.  A smart material is generally described as the one that changes its properties in response to an applied stimulus, all by itself. Such changes in properties – change in volume, color, shape, etc. – are usually reversible. In short, stimuli-induced control and modulation of the functional properties of materials has revolutionized the concept of smart technologies. The applications of smart materials range from color changing photochromic glasses in response to the amount of light to electrically stimulated dynamic electrochromic windows on the Boeing Dreamliner air craft and shape memory alloys that remember their original shape even after mechanical deformation were discussed. Smart attributes of chemical systems in terms of stimuli-responsive color changes, morphologies and structure as well as water wetting behavior shall be touched upon. Finally the session was open for a discussion about the relevance of chemistry in the current scenario and the students were clarifying their doubts. 85 students were attended the session. The seminar was very interactive and the speaker answered many queries raised by the students and the students were enlightened by the programme.