Entrepreneurship  stands as a potent catalyst that will change the face of our nation. Now a days the government is so keen in encouraging young generation to start their own venture and thereby to strengthen the economy of the country. So, in order to motivate the students towards the path of entrepreneurship, Department of Business Administration has organized an entrepreneurship awareness session titled “Unveil the Entrepreneur in You” on 20.07.2023 at the college seminar hall from 2 pm to 4 pm.

The resource person for the session was Dr. Ajay Basil Varghese, Assistant Professor, ASIET. The session has started with an interaction with students in which he enquired  about their aspirations after completing their BBA studies. Majority of the students epressed their ambitions of entering corporate sphere. By the session’s conclusion, there was a collective correction in their envisioned career trajectories, pivoting towards the exciting realm of entrepreneurship.

The resource person has discussed about the benefits of being an entrepreneur and also showcased student innovators across the country. Later, he talked about various problems faced by the society and the ways to derive a solution for the problems. Insightful insights were shared on leveraging issues as catalysts for entrepreneurial endeavors.  He also spoke about various grants provided by different financial institution like KSUM, DIC, IEDC and YIP etc. Towards the end of the session, he shared his success story of startup and innovations and how he could balance his business life along with his teaching profession.

The session was really inspirational to all the participants and they have expressed their feedback about the EAP in the end of the session. Total of 30 students and 4 faculty members have attended the session. The session was coordinated by Ms. Ashina Z. (Faculty Coordinator) and Ms. Riswana V E (Student Coordinator).