The Biodiversity Club members of the college, along with the staff and students of the Department of Biotechnology together made a biodiversity register named “The Ameenian Diversity”. The Biodiversity register includes information about every plant and animal on the college campus of a total area of 25.27 acres. The book was made on 30th November 2020 and the data collection for the same started on June 2020.

The book includes a detailed description of general information, climate, various gardens, plants, animals, insects, wetlands etc. The book contains information such as the common name, scientific name, importance, usage etc. about the above-mentioned items on the campus. The book also explains the importance of every garden of our college.

All the information for the register was collected by the faculty and student members of the biodiversity club, along with the faculty and students of the Department of Biotechnology. All the collected information’s were combined, validated and approved by the editorial board under editor Ms Alphy Nisa Steaphen (coordinator of biodiversity club). The editorial board members of the register comprised Ms Rahimol Ramesh, Dr. Salini Ajith, Ms Sulfith Salim, Dr. Dhanya V, Ms Thasni Faisal, Ms Sanooja MS, Ms Chinnu PS, Ms Sreeja C and Dr Ajith KP. The book was also approved by the district biodiversity board.