The Department of Business Administration organized a dynamic and inspiring event titled “The Alumni Chronicles: Celebrating the Success Stories” aimed at motivating and enlightening current students through interaction with accomplished alumni. The first interaction of the series, themed “Empowering Your Dreams: The Allure of Entrepreneurship,” took place on the 25th of July at the college seminar hall.

Two distinguished alumni from the batches of 2017 – 2020, Mr. Muhammed Rameez and Mr. Muhammed Javid, were the esteemed speakers for the event. Both alumni have made significant strides in the business world and willingly shared their journey with the current students. Mr. Rameez, the Managing Director of SR Plastics Pvt Ltd, began the session by recounting his personal business experiences. He vividly detailed his entrepreneurial journey, which commenced immediately after his graduation, coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. His venture, specializing in recycled plastic products, was initiated with a modest capital of 50 lakhs.

Despite encountering initial losses, Mr. Rameez’s determination and perseverance propelled his business towards success over a two-year period. During his talk, Mr. Rameez also shared insights into his formative years at Al Ameen and how the institution significantly influenced his growth as a businessperson. His anecdotes and learnings resonated deeply with the attending students, leaving a lasting impact.                                                                                      Mr. Javid, the Managing Director of Udaya Plywoods Pvt Ltd, led the subsequent segment of the session. He shared his unique journey of taking over his family business and discussed the strategies he employed to navigate the challenges posed by the post-COVID business landscape. His narrative was an inspiring tale of adaptability and resilience, emphasizing the importance of creative problem-solving in the face of adversity.

Following the insightful talks by the alumni, an interactive session was held, allowing students to engage directly with the speakers. Students eagerly posed questions regarding both academic and business aspects, and the alumni responded with valuable guidance and advice.

The event attracted a total of 26 students and was graced by the presence of four faculty members. The engagement of the attendees was evident as they absorbed the wisdom and experiences shared by the alumni. The session left a profound impact, sparking motivation and a renewed sense of purpose among the students.  The session was coordinated by Ms. Ashina Z. (Faculty Coordinator) and Mr. Muhammed Amjed (Student Coordinator).