The Department of Chemistry conducted a talk on the topic “Causes and Prevention of Food Adulteration and Contamination” by Noushad N. K. of the Food Craft Institute Kalamassery. The talk was conducted on November 21, 2022, in the seminar hall. The programme was inaugurated by our beloved head of department, Dr. Leji Latheef. The seminar was organised to generate awareness about the various adulterants and contaminants in food and how to prevent them. All the staff and all our students attended the session.

Food adulteration is a very serious problem, posing severe health risks to many in our country. In every product, there is adulteration, from our daily groceries to our life-saving medicines. His talks intend to explore a brief introduction to various types of food adulteration and different adulterants. He spoke about the various health effects due to these contaminants and adulterants. He also spoke about how to prevent these contaminations and the measures to avoid food adulteration. Since the worst part of this adulterated food even causes cancer, it thus leads to serious challenges for society. The knowledge acquired from his talk was really valuable to the students and thus to the well-being of society.

Finally, the session was open for a discussion about the relevance of the topic in the current scenario, and the students were clarifying their doubts. The talk was very interactive, and the speaker answered many queries raised by the students, and the students were enlightened by the converse. 76 students participated in the programme.