The Department of Business Administration in association with Somans Global Education organized Study Abroad Program: a workshop series on 2022 July 15. The objective behind the session was to provide an insight about the various higher education programmes after the graduation across the globe.

Ms. Maria Treesa Chacko and Afsal Ansary, Career Consultant, Somans Global Education were the resource persons of the session. The Session on ‘Job Vs Higher Education’ began with a poll asking the participants their plans after graduation. They mentioned some of the important aspects of a profile setup, which included academics, soft skills, persona, experience, social media, extra-curricular activities and social cause.

In the session the speaker discussed about the test preparations required to study abroad, such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS. She briefly discussed the scores required, score distribution and acceptance rate. She concluded by saying “while choosing your final destination, consider quality of study, career option, visa, scholarships, etc.” The session was organized by Ms. Najiya A A (Faculty Coordinator) and Mr.Abu Abid (Student Coordinator) .