The annual seven-day camp of the NSS unit of Al-Ameen College, Edathala was held from 21.12.2018 to 27.12.2018 at Al-AmeenCollege of Medical Sciences, Edathala. The camp, titled Sukritham-2018, focused on flood-hit wards of Edathala panchayat. It also included promotion of organic farming by setting up organic vegetable farms at selected houses in the Edathala panchayat. 100NSS volunteers participated in the camp.


By 2 pm, the camp works kick-started with volunteers arranging halls, rooms and accommodation facilities. They visited work sites, formed groups and prepared schedules. The registration started by 4 pm and by 6 pm, the NSS programme officers Prof. Abdul Salam and Prof. Shahanoor Beegum issued directions to be followed by volunteers.


The camp was inaugurated by Mr Anwar Sadath, Aluva MLA by 11 am and the date was fixed to meet his schedule. The inaugural session was presided over by Prof M.B. Sasidharan, principal, Al-Ameen College. The MLA lauded the efforts of youngsters in reviving the state from one of its darkest phases by their sheer commitment, dedication and humanity. “They heralded theunity beyond the restraints of class, caste and religion,” he said and asked the students to get involved in more similar selfless acts.

Ms Sajitha Abbas, panchayat president, Edathala explained the action plan. The ward members Mr A.A. Mahin, Ms RukkiyaRasheed, Ms Jinila Rasheed, staff advisor Prof. Shaniba M.H and programme officers Prof. Shahanoor Beegum and Prof. Abdul Salam and the volunteer secretary Ms Anaswara spoke on the occasion.

The inaugural session concluded by 12 pm and it followed an ice-breaking session led by Mr C. Shabeeb Ahmed. The session was helpful in building a rapport between students and involved games and fun, which further brought the group together. After lunch, there was a talk on “Word and the Society” by Mr M.R. Surendran,district secretary, Library Council. He reminded the volunteers of the importance of NSS in creating a better society and stressed on the essence of the NSS anthem by emphasizing on the relevance of personal purification for general goodness. By 6 pm, thestudents were initiated to the wonders of the universe by Dr N. Shaji, editor of science magazine Sasthragathi. With the help of a telescope and Stellarium, he opened the celestial spectacle of universe before the students. A camp review followed this by 9 pm where the volunteers shared their experiences and feedback.


The day started with a Yoga session at 7 am and a parade, which was introduced this year. By 8 am, they assembled at the camp venue and Mr Rauf, NSS volunteer secretary led the proceedings. The group Amigos sang the NSS song and gave the session a musical start. The Alpha group presented the previous day’s report. The NSS daily was released. By 10 am, the volunteers moved to the flood-hit ward number 21 of the panchayat. The ward member Mr A.A. Mahin and Prof. Abdul Salam and Prof. Shahanoor Beegum, programme officers, divided the students into groups and issued directions. The volunteers started off by cleaning the roads which were damaged due to the devastating floods. The cleaning works lasted till 2 pm and later, they were brought back to the camp venue. At 4.00 pm, there was a talk on Life: Origin and Development by Mr Jaimohan, vice-president, Aluva zone, KSSP. He discussed in detail about the latest theories on evolution, origin of life and cell structures. By 7 pm, the volunteer groups dedicated themselves into the preparation of NSS magazine. They showcased their talents from 9 pm to 10 pm.

The day started with Yoga, parade and assembly, followed by report presentation and reading out of the NSS daily. At 10 am, the volunteers moved to the flood-hit ward number 21 of the panchayat to complete the previous day’s work. The ward member Mr A.A. Mahin and Prof. Abdul Salam and Prof. Shahanoor Beegum, programme officers,divided the students into groups and issued directions. They also cleaned the college campus premises in the afternoon. At 5.30 pm, Mr V.T. Job, civil excise officer, conducted an awareness class on drug and alcohol abuse, emphasizing on the obligation ofgroups like NSS in saving vulnerable teens from the grip of drug peddlers.
By 7 pm, former NSS volunteer Ms Bhavitha presented folk songs in a programme titled Nattusandhya which was actively enjoyed by the volunteers. At 9 pm, the volunteers debated on various topics, including the importance of gender equality. This followed a camp review at 10 pm.
The students started their yet another energetic camp day with Yoga, parade, assembly and daily report. On the day, the students took up making Chekkutty dolls, the small cloth puppets that became the symbol of state’s revival post floods. The dolls were made of damaged clothes from the Chendamangalam handlooms which were destroyed in the floods. The students, led by former student of Al-Ameen College Ms Akhila Ashokan, managed to make more than 500 dolls.
The spirit of Christmas was in the air and the celebrations started by afternoon. Dr Junaid Rahman, manager, Al-Ameen College, inaugurated the fete by cutting the Xmas cake. He also released Pralayapoorvam, the NSS magazine prepared by volunteers by handing over it to Mr A.P. Muraleedharan, state office bearer, KSSP. This followed a session by Mr Muraleedharan on the topic Gender and Society and he introduced students to the concepts of gender, sexand sensitivity. The volunteers actively participated in the discussions. By 9 pm, the students presented myriad cultural programmes.
The day, as usual, started with Yoga, parade, reviews and assembly. The student volunteers visited the flood-devastated ward number 19 of Edathala panchayat and undertook various cleaning activities there. They also set up organic vegetable farms at selected households.
After lunch, they split into groups and discussed on ‘Organic Life, Healthy Life’, followed by a session of ‘Ecology and Development’ by Mr E.T. Rajan, district committee member, KSSP. He said that the development activities with no concern for ecological aftermaths would prove disastrous in not-so-distant future. The students actively engaged in a discussion on ‘The Challenges Faced by Post-Floods Kerala’ which was attended by people’s representatives. The volunteers promised to offer an outline of development to the panchayat and the representatives appreciated the effort and offered to include its insightful suggestions into its agenda.
At 8 pm, Mr V.H. Nishad, HOD, Department of Journalism, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba, handled a session on nature, woman and infanticide titled ‘Real to Reel’ and exhibited She, a short film directed by him. This was followed by an interactive session between the director and the volunteers.
The final day was no different; it started off with Yoga, parade, Assembly and reviews. At 10 am, the students cleaned up the camp venue and surroundings. Later, they shared their experiences. The valedictory session was inaugurated by Ms C.K. Mumtaz Teacher, president, Vazhakkulam block panchayat. The meeting was presided over by Prof. M.B. Sasidharan, principal, Al-Ameen College. Ms Mumtaz presented the best performing groups and individuals with trophies. Anaswara K.S, volunteer secretary, presented vote of thanks and the seven-day camp concluded with the lunch at 3 pm.